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Anhui Huaxia Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

mg4355娱乐主要生产折弯机、mg4355线路检测、剪板机、数控剪板机、卷板机、冲床及刃模具等产品,专业为航空、轻工、冶金、金工、建筑、汽车、电力、装璜等行业提供所需要的专用机械和成套设备、品种全、规格多,畅销国内二十多个 省、市、区,并出口欧美、东南亚及中东等国家和地区。公司在全国各地设立办事处,形成庞大的销售网络,保证了优良的售后服务。在湖北省拥有武汉华银机电设备子公司,经销各类名优机电设备。

公司用现代企业的管理方法,立足于产品的质量管理,以其优秀的品质,新颖的设计,合理的价格,完善的售后服务赢得了广大客户的充分信赖和一致好评,被 评为“诚信纳税人”、“重合同守信用企业”并获得“全国用户产品质量满意,售后服务满意示范单位”、“中国质量过硬放心品牌”、“安徽省著名商标”等荣誉称号。

公司拥有两座机床生产基地,原厂生产厂房占地面积约18000平方米,新厂区占地面积达112000平方米,具备正规化的机械制造。全体员工以先进的技术和现代化的管理手段为追求产品的完善而不懈努力。公司全面通过ISO9001:2000质量管理体系认证。公司近年来, 在满足国内需求的基础上,出口份额不断攀升,产品在国外的使用也得到客户的赞许。 2007年取得进军欧盟的CE认证,数控机床成功自主出口德国等欧盟国家,从而为进入美洲等发达国家打下了良好的基础。


With series of bender, shearing machine, rolling machine, punching machine and forming dies as its main products, Anhui HuaXia  Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd. provides special machinery and complete sets of equipment for a wide range of industries including aviation, light industry, metallurgic industry, metalworking, architecture, automobile, power industry, decoration engineering and so on. Its clients are found all over China and other  countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. We have built offices in different parts of China, which forms a huge sales network and offers guarantee for convenient after-sales services. Besides, we have Wuhan Huayin electromechanical equipment subsidiary company in Hubei province, which deals in various kinds of famous brand electromechanical equipment.

The company adopts modern management concept and emphasizes its quality control. It wins trust and applause from the clients with its outstanding quality, novel design, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. It has been awarded many titles such as ‘Faithful Taxpayer’, ‘Credit Enterprise’, ‘National Exemplary Enterprise On quality & After-sales’, ‘China Quality-guaranteed Brand’ , “Anhui Famous Brand” and so on.

The company owns two machine production bases, which covers area of 18,000 square meters and 112,000 square meters respectively, and both of them possess standardized machine manufacturing ability. The whole staff of the company is striving for the most desirable quality of products with up-to-date technology and modernized management. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and its products sell well and enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. Especially in recent years, its export share has been expanded increasingly. After obtaining CE Certificate in 2007, the company exported products to Germany and other EU countries successfully, which laid a good foundation for entering other developed countries.

In pursuit of excellence, HuaXia people will keep pioneering and progressing. We sincerely wish to join hands with friends from various circles to achieve common improvement and prosperity.